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We build secure and decentralized applications for all those who care about their privacy.


Encryption is our way of ensuring security, we ensure to never put your data at risk.


From applications to metaverse, innovation here embraces privacy and security.  

User friendly

Our applications are for everyone, we create them so that they can be used without much knowledge. 

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About UUp

UUp is a software company specializing in the field of innovation and data security. We believe in a free and safe internet so we know how important privacy is for our users, especially in a world where our data is costantly shared between companies, for this reason our products, such as the Messenger, have been designed to and keep the users anonymous.

UUp Messenger

UUp Messenger is a secure and easy to use chat application that was built using the same encryption technology of Bitcoin. A user account, instead of being registered in a database or in a centralized place, is represented by a pair of keys for asymmetric cryptography, neither the public nor the private key are registered somewhere, therefore the account is just yours without the need a server-side software to manage it.

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UMetaWorld was built as a fun and immersive way to introduce the world to the untapped joys of metaverse, however our plan is to make the world a better place by allowing all communities access to the services that they couldn’t access in the real world. Additionally, we have set up a foundation to donate part of our generated fees to saving the ocean and planting trees.

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Developers Team

Faig Jafargullyev

Project Manager

Musabir Musabayli

Senior Software Engineer

Kurshat Mammadli

Software Engineer

Ramazan Suleymanli

Software Engineer

Muhammad Zubair

Software Engineer

Ali Raza

Software Engineer

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